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“Hobart Water Front International Design Competition”

All matter as we know is composed of the five elements of nature,: EARTH, WATER, SKY, FIRE AND ETHER. These elements have provided a structure for the ancient world. They exist in an around us and thus we need them to feel complete and fulfilled. Everything we see around us is a cosmos in a tea-cup with the same five elements our design is based on these elements – the predominant elements in our design are.

EARTH: It is the densest, biggest and most important element where countless life-forms coexist; for man contact with ground is essential for balance earth absorbs toxins. It purifies and enriches and is the cradle of all life. It receives its vital energies from the refreshing water, the fiery sun, expansive air and radiant sky.

WATER: water is the essence of all life. It is a vehicle of purification and decimation, a metaphor for transcendence and contemplation. It is amniotic, healing and cleansing. It reflects the sky and the earth. It follows a natural path and resists all interventions.

SKY: it is all the gaseous elements surrounding the earth. It humbles all elements, for its higher than we dared to comprehend. It is forever changing and has fascinated us since the beginning of time, the sky represents things beyond our everyday experiences, creative energy, thought and communication, inventiveness and spontaneity.